How to identify List item in lwuit Form Screen?

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How to identify List item in lwuit Form Screen?

Post  andy98 on Fri May 31, 2013 7:15 pm

I've tried questions/7441725/lwuit-item-question


Container con = (Container) list.getSelectedItem();
for(int i = 0; i < con.getComponentCount(); i++){
Object obj = (Object) con.getComponentAt(i); // typecast component name instead object //ERROR


My example code:

List list = new List(createGenericListCellRendererModelData());
list.setRenderer(new GenericListCellRenderer(createGenericRendererContainer(), createGenericRendererContainer()));

private Container createGenericRendererContainer() {
Container c = new Container(new BorderLayout());
Label name = new Label();
c.addComponent(BorderLayout.CENTER, name);
Label surname = new Label();
c.addComponent(BorderLayout.SOUTH, surname);
CheckBox selected = new CheckBox();
c.addComponent(BorderLayout.WEST, selected);
return c;

private Hashtable[] createGenericListCellRendererModelData() {
Hashtable[] data = new Hashtable[5];
data[0] = new Hashtable();
data[0].put("Name", "Shai");
data[0].put("Surname", "Almog");
data[0].put("Selected", Boolean.TRUE);
data[1] = new Hashtable();
data[1].put("Name", "Chen");
data[1].put("Surname", "Fishbein");
data[1].put("Selected", Boolean.TRUE);
data[2] = new Hashtable();
data[2].put("Name", "Ofir");
data[2].put("Surname", "Leitner");
data[3] = new Hashtable();
data[3].put("Name", "Yaniv");
data[3].put("Surname", "Vakarat");
data[4] = new Hashtable();
data[4].put("Name", "Meirav");
data[4].put("Surname", "Nachmanovitch");
return data;


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